The Unknown Narrator is a woman who provides the opening narration in the pilot episode. Her voice is strong, yet sad. She has not yet ben identified, however the fact that The Whispers can be heard under her voice has led to speculation that she may be the source of, or at the very least, connected to them.


The rather poetic narration is delivered over the sound of many voices whispering and footage of smoke drifting.

San Jose was dead and gone, reduced to nothing more than dust and scratches on the surface of a fading memory.
While everyone had a theory, few people would ever understand why. The revelation of that truth...
and the beginning of our end, would begin not with a bang... but the last dying breath of a child.

Meaning and ReferencesEdit

It appears that the narration was presented so as to introduce the larger mystery early on and let it remain in the back of viewer's minds thoughout the main story, which initially seems largely unconnected. That said, the issue of San Jose is addressed in some what in every episode.

  • Everyone had a theory/few people would understand why--establishes the central mystery.
  • The revelation of that truth/would begin not with a bang-- in addition to being a reference to the TS Eliot poem, it implies that the explanation of San Jose wouldn't be told in a grand explosive manner. In fact, producers have indicated that the original plan was to not show the event itself during the first season for budgetary reasons.


  • The Beginning of Our End, is a curious line since the identity of the narrator is uncertain and may in fact be someone we have yet to meet. One popular theory is that the narrator is connected to the myth of the Nephilim, a central theme in the series, seen in the preview trailers, but not yet explored in the first season. If this is the case, the line could be a reference to the beginning of the end of the Nephilim.
  • Last Dying Breath of a Child. With the first season focusing on the death of Melissa Weller, this could refer to her. Although Melissa is shown to be in her mid-20s, refering to her as a child could just be another poetic turn of phrase. If this is the case, it could imply a number of things. The first being, litteral: her last words were some critical piece of information. Or, metaphorically: her death is the catalyst to unlocking the mystery of San Jose.

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