The Event, first mentioned by the unknown narrator in the opening moments of the Pilot Episode, was a massive and catastrophic explosion that resulted in the city of San Jose, California being erased from existance. This event forms the backbone of the entire Project Nephilim Series. It is believed to have originated from within the main research headquarters of the San Jose Institute of Technology. The exact circumstances leading up to the event, or what the source of the destruction were are currently unknown.

References to the EventEdit

  • During his lecture, Robin Quick repeats the opening narration, "San Jose is dead and gone, reduced to nothing more than dust and scratches on the surface of a fading memory." It is revealed that this is the opening line from Garisson Weyland's book, In the Shadow of Paracelsus, Exploring the Mind of James Lynwood Prescott. (SA: Vade Retro)
  • Kristen Herlacher mentions that following the event, the entire city has been placed under quarentine. She also mentions that whatever caused the event resulted in the inability for anything to grow in the soil. (SA: Sien Souhitent)

Additional ReferencesEdit

  • Carol Green explains her husband's absence at Sarah Alessandro's funeral because he was in San Jose for a conference "and couldn't get a flight out in time." This tongue-in cheek reference is an in-joke, since the event wasn't a relevant part of the stage play. (Hence These Tears)