Sarah Alessandro was the mother of John and Francesca Alessandro. She passed away following a long bout with cancer

Sarah Marie Alessandro
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John Alessandro - Son
Peter Alessandro - Husband
Renee Cipriani - Neice
Erika Cipriani - Neice
Mary Cipriani - Sister-In-Law
Antonia Alessandro - Mother-in-Law


Sarah Alessandro was a strong and vibrant woman who, despite her severe illness held the Alessandro family together. Tough and no-nonsense she was also wise and compassionate, prefering to deal with issues and people directly. Her tone was often very no-nonsense, but the depth of her love for her family was evident even as illness took her life from her.


In the strictest sense, Sarah only appears in the stage play, Hence These Tears, although her influence is flet strongly thoughout much of Salvation. She is mentioned by Alexander Weir and John Alessandro on several occasions.

Hence These TearsEdit

Sarah appears briefly during the first act of the play, although her illnes and death form the backbone of the story. When she is first seen, she is seriously i
ll and near death. Despite this, her strength is clearly evident, as she is able to share a final moment of motherly advice with her estranged son. Later, she is seen in flashback as a vision of true elegance. She is shown to have a wry sense of humor, which can be seen from time to time in her children John and Francesca.


A photograph of Sarah can be seen early in the episode Hinc Illae Lacrimae when Alexander is reminiscing about her. Curiously, the actress playing Sarah, also plays an unrelated character in the previous episode.