The San Jose Institute of Technology (also known as San Tec) was a massive complex of research labratories located in the heart of downtown San Jose, California. Dr. Lauren Westryn was one of the founding board members and the lead researcher on The Genome Initiative, a research project that ultimately appears to have been the catalyst for The Event and the destruction of San Jose.

Known MembersEdit

  • Dr. Lauren Westryn is perhaps the best known member of the institute. As a result of her involvement with The Genome Initiative she was called before a federal inquest investigating the disaster in San Jose. (Salvation)
  • Dr. Ian Mayweather: A collegue of Dr. Westryn in a position of some authority within the Institute. He is mentioned in The Glass Rose.
  • Cromwell: A mercinary of sorts. Highly trained and ruthless. He is tasked with hunting down and capturing the amnesiac man. He is believed to be one of the "Men in Grey". (The Glass Rose)

Connections to DabarehEdit

  • Following the destruction of San Jose, and the murder of Lauren Westryn, Detective Chase Quinn attempted to link San Tec and The Genome Initiative to the powerful Dabareh Corporation. Although an exhaustive investigation of financial records was launched, there was never any evidence found to support Quinn's accusations that Dabareh had helped to fund any aspect of The Genome Initiative.
  • During his own private investigation, Robin Quick uncovered an obscure reference to a proposed, but never realized venture between the companies, obliquely refered to as Paracelsus.
  • In an interview with Glen Anderson, Dabareh CEO Gideon Cryter denied any involvement with the doomed Institute beyond professional courtesy.