Ronald "Ronny" Quinn was the elder brother of Chase Quinn and the only son of Grant and Colleen Quinn. He died trying to save Chase following a boating accident when they were children.
Ronald "Ronny" Quinn
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Family members
Chase Quinn - Sister
Colleen Quinn - Mother
Grant Quinn - Father

Mentions in SalvationEdit

  • Chase first mentions him to Roland after their meeting with Robin, when she briefly recounts the events of Drowning. (SA: Vade Retro)
  • Colleen mentions his death while trying to console Deborah at Melissa's Wake. (SA: Vade Retro)
  • Grant says that he and Chase have been having "the same argument since your brother died" (SA: Talitha Cumi)

Character NotesEdit

  • The Short Story, Drowning, details his relationship with Chase and his tragic death.
  • He is often referred to in Salvation as "Ronny" to avoid confusion with Chase's partner, Roland.