Project Nephilim: Rise of the Syndicate is the official title of the first feature length sequel to Project Nephilim: Salvation. It was previously titled Crane's Bay.


From the official blog:

A year has passed since the events of Salvation.

Following the events of the series, Chase Quinn is on sabbatical. Although a lot of questions remain unanswered she is determined to get on with her life. For Alexander Weir, the last year has brought him considerable peace and happiness. He and Chase are engaged, but they have not yet revealed that to anyone, including Rhea, who is happily preparing to head off to college.

When a young boy becomes the latest in a string of abductions, James O'Riley turns to Chase for help. Although reticent, she joins him in his attempt to find the child. Together their investigation leads them to a shadowy group trafficking in stolen tec recovered from the remnants of Lauren Westryn's research.

Meanwhile, Alexander and Rhea head to Chicago for the wedding of an old friend. But when a fringe organization led by the charasmatic and reckless Chesil Talmai attempts to assasinate John, Rhea and Alisson are nearly caught in the crossfire. Determined to protect the ones they love,John and Alexander find themselves caught up in a scheme to topple the Dabareh Corporation from within. But in doing so, Alexander begins to piece together the events leading to Melissa Weller's death and a shadowy organization determined to continue Lauren Westryn's work.