Throughout the series there exists a continual green/blue contrast motif.


  • The production logo for the pilot episode is a recreation of a video-copilot tutorial, depectinig intertwinging blue and green energy.
  • The main title sequence beginning with Vade Retro, consists of blue and white swirling energy.
  • Flashbacks have a notably blue tint to them.
  • Present day scenes are noticeably more green in tone.

Episode Specific OccurencesEdit


  • Chase's Office is is tinted blue.
  • Roland wears a blue dress shirt.

Vade RetroEdit

  • The morgue is lit with blue and green light split between Chase and Joe, with Chase's 'side' blue and Joe's 'side' green
  • Melissa's tattoo appears blue under black light.
  • In James' office, on the shelf behind him are blue binders surrounded by a green office plant.
  • Robin's classroom during his lecture is lit with blue light.
  • Robin wears a blue shirt

Sien SouhitentEdit

  • Andrew and Maria stand underneath a blue umbrella.
  • the pool water is blue.
  • The police station briefing room where Chase meets Deborah is blue. Deborah sits in front of a green plant.
  • The conference room at Dabareh is full of green plants.
  • Kristen wears a green necklace.
  • Alexander's office is full of green plants.

Vade RetroEdit

  • Rhea is wearing a blue shirt while sitting in the grass.
  • Robin is wearing a blue dress shirt in the flashback
  • Cassie Meeks is wearing a green sweater in the same flashback
  • In the present day, James is wearing a blue dress shirt
  • In the same scene, Robin is wearing a green dress shirt.
  • James is reading from a blue folder.
  • When Alexander meets Melissa, she is wearing a blue sweater
  • During their date, Alexander and Melissa ride on the Green Line
  • Asleep on the couch, Alexander has a blue stripe on his shirt. Melissa is wearing a blue shirt.
  • The Jellyfish tank is blue
  • Melissa wears a blue shirt while reading something in a green file folder
  • The walls of Melissa's apartment are green.
  • She removes a blue shirt before she and Alexander have sex in a bed with green sheets.

The End of All ThingsEdit

The End of All Things is a phrase that is frequently repeated throught the series. It is implied to be in reference to an apocalypse of some kind. Perhaps similar to The Event, except on an epic scale.

You Are Nothing and Have No PowerEdit

This phrase is spoken frequently by Robin Quick, in an attempt to demean and belittle Mattie Howard. It is a reminder that he is a sucessful academic and she has no power over him.

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