Renee Cipriani is the sister of Paul Cipriani and youngest cousin of John and Francesca Alessandro. She is portrayed by Rachel Padell in both Hence These Tears and Salvation.
Renee Elizabeth Cipriani
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  • Renee is seen reading a copy of The Hobbit during both Hence These Tears and Salvation. This is a first edition copy.
  • Alexander's nickname for her is Monkey, because she frequently clings to him.
  • Much of her dialog in Salvation had to be rewritten due to the fact that the actress had grown considerably and was no longer the same age as the character.
  • In Vade Retro, Alexander tells Deborah someone close to him once said, "When a person dies, they become a part of the world and life again." Alisson tells this Renee during Hence These Tears when the girl asks about death.