There is a photograph of Alisson Daniels and Alexander Weir that the latter keeps on his desk at work. It appears to have been taken at a lake, and although never explicitly stated,

The Photo, although blury, remains close to Alexander's heart.

it is likely that it was taken at Crane's Bay.


  • Alexander mentions it to John during both versions of their argument which appears in Hence These Tears and the episode Hinc Illae Lacrimae.
  • While visiting Alexander at his office, Chase picks up the photograph from his desk and asks him about Alisson.


  • The actual photo used in Salvation was a candid shot taken by the actors prior to the opening performance of Hence These Tears, four years before it appeared in Sien Souhitent.
  • In the background, you can clearly see a ladder, and the rear exit of the Factory Theatre in Boston.

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