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Paracelsus Films is an independant production company based in Boston. It was founded in 2007 by Vincent C. Morreale to produce the web series Project Nephilim: Salvation. The current organizational structure evolved from previous film companies DreamScape Ltd, and Ultimate Ego Productions.

Main ProductionsEdit

Project Nephilim: Salvation

Christmas After the Zombocalypse

Chess Mates

Death on Toast

How to Win the Internet

Contributing ProductionsEdit

Hence These Tears

Zombie Attack

Royal Pains

Company MembersEdit

  • Vincent C. Morreale - Artistic Director
  • Alexandria Leonard - Executive Producer
  • Paul Ezzy - Director of Photography
  • Lara Jay - Stunt Coordinator
  • Melissa Specht - Makeup
  • Laurie Ann Schillinger - Composer
  • Christine Banna - Lighting and Phography

Contributing MembersEdit

  • Julia Specht - Creative Consultant
  • Michael Simon - Creative Consultant
  • Kevin Lowney - Creative Consultant
  • Vin Morreale Jr - Creative Consultant
  • Danielle Leeber - Casting

DreamScape Ltd and Ultimate Ego ProductionsEdit

Ultimate Ego Productions was formed in 1996 by Vincent C. Morreale and Kevin Lowney to produce small parody films. The name was derived from the fact that credits typically consisted of either one or both of their names repeated over and over again, as there were no others involved in productions.

The company only produced two short parodies, Schisms (a parody of John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness) and Der Schmettern Welcher Project (a parody of the Blair Witch Project).

A common theme throughout each production was that due to technical difficulties, a critical scene was usually missing. Video was shot on Hi-8 and typically edited "old school" by linking two VHS players together and editing in analog. A re-edit of Schisms was done in 1998 using early media 100 non-linear editing systems.

In 1998, while at Marquette University, Morreale changed the company name to DreamScape Ltd in an attempt to take on more serious projects. While very few were produced during this time, the most sucessful was a weekly news magazine for Marquette University Television called Entertainment Extra, whic was one of the first programs on the network to utilize non-linear editing to produce polished pieces. Prior to that, many programs were taped live.

DreamScape Ltd produced a number of programs for MUTV from 1998-2000 including Entertainment Extra, Complete BS