Molly Green is the young woman who discovers Melissa Weller's body. She is a tatto artist from Chicago and the fiance of Bruce Carrington. She is portrayed by Kristin Boucher.

Molly Green
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Hence These Tears
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Bruce Carrington - Fiance
Carol Green - Sister


Molly is a quiet and sensitive young woman who is somewhat unsure of herself. Prior to the start of the series it is revealed that her father passed away following a lengthy ordeal with Pancreatic Cancer. In an attempt to help her through the loss, she and her fiance take a romantic weekend getaway. The following morning, while Bruce is away, Molly discovers the body of Melissa Weller burried under a log pile in the yard.

She reappears in the penultimate episode of the series and is revealed to be the tattoo artist responsible for Melissa's Tattoo. Although she does not appear to be connected to the organization Melissa was involved with, she states that her fiance recognized the proto-semetic design, as the name Repha'im. She recounts the myth of the Nephilim to Chase and lists the Three Tribes.


  • In the original manuscript, Molly is the sister of Carol Green, a major character in Hence These Tears. In the pilot episode, Molly mentions Crane's Bay, a lake that figures into the backstory of both Hence These Tears and Salvation.
  • Molly reappears in the Director's Cut of the Final Episode via archival footage. When Repha'im make her appearance a series of flash-forwards link the entity with the events of prior episodes. Although somewhat anachronistic (since Chase at this point has NOT met Molly or Robin), the sequence has the bennefit of identifying two of the three Nephilim, Repha'im and Zam'im.

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