Anthony AlessandroEdit

Anthony Alessandro is the younger brother of Peter Alessandro and Mary Cipriani. At least 5 years prior to the events of Hence These Tears, he and Peter had a falling out over a business deal. According to Erika, the resulting feud left the family shattered and a lot of bad blood floating around. These events resulted in John withdrawing from his family for several years, prior to a limited reconciliation following the death of his mother, Sarah.

David O'Rourke and Mia HomesEdit

Dave and Mia are mutual friends of John and Alisson back at Marquette. They are mentioned briefly in Hence These Tears. The fact that Alisson called them after learning of Sarah's death indicate that they are likely as close to John as Alexander. Neither were mentioned in Salvation, although Alexander does tell Chase that he first met Melissa at a cabin with friends. It is unknown if this includes Dave and Mia or if he was just refering to John and Alisson. The couple is rumored to appear in Crane's Bay.

Jim WellerEdit

Jim Weller was the father of Elias and Melissa Weller, and the husband of Deborah. He died of lung cancer several years prior to the start of the series.

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