Kristen Herlacher is the Associate Director of Special Projects at The Dabareh Corporation and the third highest member of the organization after Gideon Cryter and John Alessandro. She is portrayed by Penny Benson.

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It is somewhat difficult to assess Kristin's personality because of the nature of The Dabareh Corporation's relationship with Chase Quinn. That said, during their brief encounter Kristin is shown to be very cold (she refuses to shake Chase's hand, or even take a business card from her), but quite direct and forthcoming with whatever information she is able to provide.

Professionalism and Efficiency would likely rank highly in any description of her character, she rarely minces words, often providing curt but direct responses. She rarely elaborates and seems generally indesposed to repeating herself.

As with most members of The Dabareh Corporation, she can be quite antagonistic to Chase Quinn, partly due to Chase's own antagonism and distrust of the organization. While she openly mocks the very idea of Beverly/Repha'im, she does seem genuinely surprised when she learns of Robin Quick's involvement with Melissa.

Chase indicated that Robin Quick may be the only person Kristen dislikes more than Chase.


  • Intreaguingly, Penny Benson also portrayed Sarah Alessandro, John's dying mother in the stage play Hence These Tears. Prior to the airing of the Fourth Episode it was

    The Alessandro family, with Penny Benson as Sarah Alessandro

    unclear if the role of Sarah would be recast should she ever appear in flashbacks. However a scene at the beginning of Hinc Illae Lacrimae between Alexander and Alisson depicts a family photo that clearly shows Sarah Alessandro as portrayed by Penny Benson, confirming that they are indeed played by the same person within the continuity of the series. What this exactly means is a mystery.

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