Glen Anderson is the host of Eye on the Commonwealth, a hard-hitting local news program in Boston. He interviews Dabareh Corporation CEO Gideon Cryter about public concerns related to the new Babylon Research Facility. He is portrayed by Paul Ezzy.

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  • Actor Paul Ezzy is also the Director of Photography on the Project Nephilim Series.
  • Glen Anderson is scripted to reappear in the upcoming feature Rise of the Syndicate.

A number of in-jokes appear in the rapidly moving credits for Eye on the Commonwealth. Among them are:

  • EOTC is broadcast from local affilliate WDVX - a nod to the Panasonic DVX100 used to film much of the series.
  • Glen Andersons contact lenses are provided courtesy of Spectacular Optical - a reference to the David Cronenberg film Videodrome.
  • Although not part of the Project Nephilim Universe, Glen Anderson will cameo in the upcoming production, How to Win the Internet (and Other Questionable Endeavors)