Francesca Alessandro is the younger sister of John Alessandro. The two have a tense and often difficult relationship. Ultimately, however, it is shown that they love each other very much. She was portrayed by Christy Corcoran in the stage production Hence These Tears, and by Gabriella Ciambrone in Salvation.
Francesca Rose Alessandro
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Family members
John Alessandro - Brother
Peter Alessandro - Father
Sarah Alessandro - Mother
Renee Cipriani - Cousin
Erika Cipriani - Cousin
Mary Cipriani - Aunt
Antonia Alessandro - Grandmother


As with most memebers of the Alessandro Family, Francesca has only appeared in Hence These Tears and flashbacks to the events of the play. She is slated to appear in the sequel to Salvation, which partly involves the wedding of her father Peter.

Hence These TearsEdit

Francesca appears as a strong-willed young woman who has spent much of her young life caring for her sick mother. She is a force of stability for the Alessandro family, and the heir apparent to her mother's role as the strength of the family. She is greatly upset at her brother's return, seeing him as someone who hasn't been a part of the family for quite some time and views the appearance of Alisson as just more evidence that John only thinks of himself. Despite their differences they do reconcile at the end of the play. She is also shown to have a flirtatious relationship with Alexander.


She appears briefly in the fourth episode of Salvation during a flashback to events that take place between the first and second act of Hence These Tears. Her affection for Alexander can be seen briefly when she asks him to come back to the house for the wake. She appears to have a quieter but no less strong personality in this scene, however that may be due to the fact that she just burried her mother.

Next to John, she comes the closest to appearing in the main timeline of Salvation later in the Fifth Episode, when Alexander is on the phone with her. Although she is not heard during the conversation, he addresses her by name and congratulates her on receiving her teaching licensure; something she had mentined several times during the course of Hence These Tears. He remarks that her mother would be very proud of her, before being interrupted by Robin.


  • Gabriella Ciambrone, who portrayed the character in the web series is the real life daughter of the actor who plays Francesca's father, Peter.

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