Although the name of the company is never mentioned in Hence These Tears or Salvation, Chrysalek is a small biological research laboratory in Wisconsin where John Alessandro began his career in medical research. Not much is known about the company beyond the fact that it appears to have specialized in cancer research, of which John was a significant part of.

Early on in the first act of Hence These Tears John mentions that the organization has encountered difficulty with one of it's research grants, causing problems with his research. His concern over losing much of his funding at such a critical juncture, coupled with the emotional stress of learning of his mother's illness, has put a significant strain on his relationship with Alisson.

An extended version of the first scene between Alexander and Alisson that occurs at the beginning of the Salvation episode Hinc Illae Lacrimae, reveals that some time during the events of Hence These Tears, John is approached by Gideon Cryter who informs him that Dabareh is buying out his research grant--effectively forcing John to work for them if he wishes to continue. A similarly adapted scene later in the episode shows John holding a business card, seemingly contemplating a difficult decision.

Ultimately, it appears as if John accepted Cryter's offer and then some, as he is very quickly appointed to the position of Director of Special Projects, out-ranking even Kristen Herlacher.