Chess Mates (aka Uncle Hank and the Knave's Wager) is a comedic action/adventure produced by Paracelsus Films specifically for the 48hour Film Project Boston. It is unique in that like all films for the festival it was written, produced and edited in 48 hours. Participants are given a character name, prop and a line of dialog which must appear in the film.


Uncle Hank's got a plan to make some quick money, but when a knave gets the upperhand someone is going to have to save the day!


Uncle Hank - Paul Ezzy

Henrietta - Lara Jay

The Knave - Dan Minkle


  • Paul Ezzy previously appeared as Glenn Anderson in Salvation and Eye on the Commonwealth
  • Lara Jay previously appeared as The Last Survivor in Christmas After the Zombocalypse
  • Dan Minkle Previously appeared in Christmas After the Zombocalypse as the "Slaughter Zombie."

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