Lieutenant Detective Chase Anne Quinn is a a homicide detective assigned to the Major Crimes Division of the Boston Police Department and the main protagonist of Project Nephilim: Salvation. She is portrayed by Danielle Kellermann.

Detective Chase Anne Quinn
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Family members
Ronny Quinn- Brother
Grant Quinn- Father
Colleen Quinn - Mother
Rhea Jordan - Adoptive goddaughter


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Prior to San Jose

Contains info on her career in Palo Alto and her relationship with Andrew

After San Jose

Contains info on her investingation into Prescott up to Andrew's Death


Interveining period involving her persuit of Dabareh and Weyland's Expose.


Information on her relationship with Rhea

Finding Salvation

Her investigation into the death of Melissa Weller.


Self explanatory

See Also

Behind the Scenes

  • Actress Danielle Kellermann originates from South Africa and ner native accent can be heard occasionally during the series. She also provides the narration for the Dabareh Corporation Promotional Video in her original accent.
  • Executive Producer Alexandria Leonard was the first actress to portray the character of Chase Quinn in the short student film, Red Robin. She contributed to a number of scenes in which Chase discusses her past, specifically the effect her near fatal encounter with James Lynwood Prescott had on her.

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