(Important: This is currently only a draft policy.)

The goal of the Project Nephilim Database is to be a reliable, concise guide to all readers. Towards this end, it is necessary for us to restrict to some extent the type of information we accept.

Types of articleEdit

There are three types of articles:

  • Any subject mentioned in or derived from a film, webisode, prose story, or theatrical production. This type is further divided into two sub-types:
  • Real World/Out of universe
  • Information on stories set in the Project Nephilim Universe.
  • Information on the creators and actors who have taken part in the making of the stories.

The policy of the Project Nephilim Database with regards to acceptable sources for use in articles is as follows:

What is considered a valid source?Edit

This section is still in flux, as the policy is still under debate.

Secondary sourcesEdit

These sources are valid sources, however should not be the only source for an article.

  • Novelisations of broadcast webisodes by Paracelsus Entertainment Group and other publishers may be used, however any information that contradicts that novelisation's webisode information is to be considered apocryphal and should not be included within the main body of the article.

Items on which policy is unclearEdit

Deleting invalid articlesEdit

If you believe an article contains nothing but non-canon information, or is sourced solely from non-valid resources, then the article should be noted with a {{proposed deletion}} template/banner, which will alert others to the article's invalidity and allow others to defend it.

Except in cases of obscenity and other offensive text, you should not edit the article and delete the text.

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