Construction on the Facility as seen in Eye on the Commonwealth

The Babylon Research Facility is a state of the art research and development facility located in downtown Boston, currently under construction by The Dabareh Corporation.


According to Gideon Cryter in an interview with Glen Anderson, the facility's main purpose is to serve as a focal center for material and research related to the effects The Event had on San Jose.

Known StaffEdit

Areas SeenEdit

  • Main Lobby: a small, unremarkable lobby attached to the main building. Chase Quinn and Roland Crisp visit here in Sien Souhitent. It does not appear to be heavily guarded given the nature of the research being conducted, although since the facility is still under construction, it is unlikely there is much need for a higher level of security. Additionally, we do not see much more than the single security desk, it is possible that additional security measures are in place.
  • Conference Room: Kristen Herlacher meets with Chase and Roland in a small largely unremarkable conference room. Artwork on the walls and a wide array of potted plants indicate that it is located in a completed section of the building.

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