Andrew Thomas Jordan was a homicide detective in the Palo Alto Police Department, father to Rhea Jordan and Chase Quinn's original partner. He was killed in the line of duty while attempting to protect Dr. Lauren Westryn from the vigilante James Lynnwood Prescott.
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Maria Jordan - Wife (deceased)
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Andrew was a close friend and partner to Chase Quinn during their time in Palo Alto.

Prior to San JoseEdit

Contains info on his career in Palo Alto and his relationship with Chase

After San JoseEdit

Contains info on his investigation of Prescott and Westryn


There are a number of conflicting accounts concerning his death at the hands of James Lynnwood Prescott. Chase Quinn initially maintained that he was killed by a mysterious woman she refered to as Beverly. However, a lack of evidence and the fantastic and implausible nature of her account, which became the source of outright mockery eventually forced her to recant.

Investigative Journalist, Garrison Weyland studied the event in exhaustive detail, eventually arriving at the conclusion that Chase's reckless behaviour had been responsible for his death and that the mysterious Beverly, was nothing short of a dilusion. Although it was widely recognized that there was as little evidence for this theory as there was for her claims that Beverly had killed Andrew.

Colleen Quinn has implied on more than one occasion that ultimately Chase is responsible for Andrew's death. Moreso, her inaction that ultimately led to his death, was part of a larger string of morally questionable actions and failings, which make her incapable of caring for Rhea.

What actually transpired is something of a mystery.


Information on his relationship with Rhea


Andrew is generally a quiet and reserved individual, though like his partner, he often lets his emotions get the better of him.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Andrew Jordan was one of two characters who never appeared in the original draft of the script, the other being Melissa Weller. It was thought at the time that it would be more interesting to reveal them through the recollection of the other characters. This was changed shortly after completion of the pilot episode. Both Andrew Jordan and Melissa Weller appear in the second episode of the series.
  • It is heavily implied that Andrew and Chase had an affair at some point prior to the start of the series--indeed they are seen in bed together at the begining of the 2nd episode. Some fans have raised the theory that Rhea may in fact be Chase's biological daughter, given their similarities. Although the issue is never addressed in the series, the producers have confirmed that Rhea is not Chase's biological daughter.
  • Actor David Lucas is one of a number of castmembers who returned more than a year after completing production on the series to shoot additional material in an attempt to give the first season a greater sense of closure as it moves away from web-based media to feature length films.